Broadband Status Pages:

please note this page is out of date and will be updated soon

BT Broadband Service Status.
BT’s own status page, very rarely up to date, but a good place to start if you are experiencing problems.

BT Major Service Outages (via Plusnet).
List of the 20 most recent Major Service Outages that PlusNet has been notified of – useful reference, and handy when trying to work out why you had no broadband!

Exchange Status Checker (via Plusnet).
Useful tool for obtaining information about your local exchange. Includes information relating to when ADSL (Broadband) became available and where the exchange is located. Also includes information about the current and historical state of the exchange. The information ranges from backhaul capacity (speed related problems), planned maintainance and major service interruptions.

Broadband Status (via Zen Internet).
Another useful resource for checking broadband faults.
Note: The notices on the Zen Broadband Status page are from their suppliers (not Zen faults or maintenance), and the fix/update dates and times provided are estimates and could be subject to change.

Broadband Speed Tests:

My Broadband Speed
A quick and easy to use Speed test – which also keeps a history of your tests.
There is also, which has a more graphical interface, and give addition information.

BT Speet Tester
This is the official BT speed test.
Only use this after informing your ISP that you have a problem. Ideally your ISP should ask you to use it, if not, ask them if they would like you to!

Notes for using the BT Speed Tester:–
You only really need your Phone No for the first part of the test, and then your Broadband User Name (usually [YourPhoneNo]@[YourISP]) for the second part. Do not click away from the window or try and look at another website while running the test, as it will cancel and start again. Also, only run 1 test an hour, BT require 3 tests to be run before they can tell if there is a problem.

Exchange Checking:

Quick links to local Exchanges: Corfe CastleSwanageWareham and Worth Matravers.

SamKnowsUk Broadband and Exchange info
SamKnows has been providing UK broadband availability information via since 2003, and is a great source for information about Broadband and Echanges in the UK.

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