Things to try if you have Broadband Problems

Things to try if you have Broadband Problems

What to do if you suspect there is a problem with your Broadband.

If your broadband seems slow, fluctuates or doesn’t appear to be working at all, try:

  • First, don’t panic!
  • Check all the cables, plugs and wires (including microfilters/splitters).
  • Try restarting everything – Computer, Router/Modem (It may be worth leaving things turned off for at least 10 seconds).
  • If you have internet access, check your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) support/status page for problems.
  • Contact you ISP and ask if there are any problems in your area.
  • Register the problem with your ISP, remember to try and give as much information as possible, including date and time the problem started (note: make it clear to your ISP that you have already checked all cables and restarted everything).
  • If your ISP says there doesn’t appear to be a problem, check with your neighbours, friends and family to see if they are having similar problems.
  • Maybe ask a local Computer or Telecom specialist to check your computer and wiring (you can also follow Purbeck Broadband on Twitter for local Broadband news and information).
  • If the problem persists, ask your ISP to investigate the problem further, which may involve an engineer visiting your property (note: you may be a charged if the fault turns out to be located inside your house).

This information is just a quick overview of some the things to try ~ ideally your ISP will offer advice and should take responsibility if there is a problem. If your ISP is not BT, then they may say it is a BT problem, if this is the case, they should ask BT to fix/resolve the problem.

More information is available in the Resources section of this website, including links to Broadband Status Pages and Speed Testing Services.

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