Intermittent, fluctuating and very slow broadband (again!)

Intermittent, fluctuating and very slow broadband (again!)

The old fluctuating and very slow broadband problems appear to have returned to users in Corfe Castle, Church Knowle, Kimmeridge and parts of Langton. It looks like anybody who broadband connects to the Corfe Castle exchange.

We have reports of very slow speeds from TalkTalk, BT and Utility Warehouse (which is usually just re-packaged TalkTalk) .

We believe the problems are related to line and exchange upgrades between Corfe Castle and Swanage (Swanage will be getting Fibre to the Cabinet and Fibre to the House soon).
We have no proof that this is indeed the cause of the problems, but a support staff mentioned it when somebody reported problems recently.

What should you do if you have slow or no broadband?
Reporting the problem to your Broadband supplier (if it happens intermittently then report it each time it happens). Even if they say there’s no reported problems, ask them to make a note on your account (and check the note is there the next time you call). It will help them track issues if there turns out there is a problem.

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2 thoughts on “Intermittent, fluctuating and very slow broadband (again!)

  1. We have had that problem in Worth Matravers for months. BT does not seem to be able to sort. Not clear that it is a traffic problem – more like line interference causing dropouts. I think we have our own separate exchange though in WM – not the Corfe one.

  2. I have had problems with TalkTalk in Corfe for several weeks. Most days it is too slow to use, download of 0.1mb for days on end. Just occasionally it works (not often) and when it does I get up to 15 mb. Talk Talk engineer spent an hour on it about a month ago but couldn’t find the problem.

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