Broadband Problems 3rd November 2014

Broadband Problems 3rd November 2014

There appears to be a number of issues this morning across the Isle of Purbeck. BT and other Internet suppliers appear to be aware of the problems.

We suspect the issues are due to the very large amount of rain we have had overnight.

If you have no internet, first try powering everything off and back on again (i.e. your broadband router, computer/laptop, tablet and phone).

If you still have problems then call your broadband supplier and report the problem.

3 thoughts on “Broadband Problems 3rd November 2014

  1. Wondering if anyone else is experiencing problems with Talktalk in Corfe Castle – our broadband service has been fluctuating for about 2 months and is now practically unusable. Am expecting the “Bright Sparks” Engineer next Tuesday (18th Nov).

  2. Hi Denise, thanks for you comment.

    Yes, there are lots of people reporting similar problems. Not just TalkTalk, but BT and other service providers.

    I’d suggest calling TalkTalk and report the problem (as often as possible). Even if they say there is no reported problems, ask them to make a note on your account and check the note is there the next time you call.

    We believe the problems are related to upgrades between Corfe Castle and Swanage (Swanage is getting Fibre to the Cabinet and Fibre to the House).

    We have no proof that this is indeed the cause of the problems, but a support staff mentioned it when somebody reported problems recently.

  3. We have been experiencing problems with our broadband since the end of September. It varies from good speed to so slow that it is unusable. The longest we have been without it is 2 weeks and currently we have not been able to use it for the last 4 days. We are with Talk Talk and live very close to the Corfe Castle exchange. We have had 2 Talk Talk engineers and 3 Open reach engineers out and no one can sort out the problem. Open reach said the junction box up our road was flooded and has now been completely renewed. This made no difference. The last BT engineer was the broadband specialist and was very good. He changed all the cables to the house, the master socket and tested our system for any ‘rain’ interference. He said everything was working perfectly and the internet speed into the house was good but then it was just disappearing! He was scratching his head and concluded that it must be to do with our profile set up with Talk Talk. I mentioned that other people had been experiencing problems with broadband in the area and could it be to do with the Fibre upgrades to Swanage and he said it wouldn’t be that. Talk Talk have changed our profile to no avail, so we are now considering leaving Talk Talk and trying another provider to see if this makes a difference. We have wasted hours on the phone doing line checks and speed checks which all indicate to the provider that everything is working fine, but it’s not! With Christmas round the corner and 3 kids to buy presents for, I am going to struggle without the internet,. They can’t do their homework which is often set online and we can’t check our e-mails or any of our utilites/banking which is all online. Any suggestions as to an alternative provider would be appreciated. Until 2 months ago, we have never had any problems with our broadband and we have lived here for 15 years.

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