Planned Engineering Work 17th July 2012

There is planned engineering work scheduled for the 17th July 2012. In theory it will not affect users, but if you discover you have no internet access after the work, first restart (turn off/on or unplug) your Router. Contact your ISP if you continue to have problems.

Start: 17/07/2012 00:01
Cleared: 17/07/2012 06:00
Duration: 5 Hours 59 Minutes
Message: The Planned Engineering Work is required on the Broadband Nodes within the (DORCHESTER) region that support EU’s nationwide for completion of ( 21CN Upgrade EES / EEA LAG for Stability/Capacity PROGRAMME 24 ). There will be (One) service outage to End-Users of up to (1) minutes (for each outage or total) within this period. This outage will occur during the outage window of (02:00-06:00) within this PEW Window.
Area Codes: 01305 01308 01929 01935