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Broadband Problems 3rd November 2014

There appears to be a number of issues this morning across the Isle of Purbeck. BT and other Internet suppliers appear to be aware of the problems.

We suspect the issues are due to the very large amount of rain we have had overnight.

If you have no internet, first try powering everything off and back on again (i.e. your broadband router, computer/laptop, tablet and phone).

If you still have problems then call your broadband supplier and report the problem.

Swanage Exchange Upgrade 2012

The Swanage Exchange was upgraded earlier this year and now supports 21CN WBC.

This means broadband users should get much faster download and upload speeds. Some users might get close to 24Mbps, but most will probably see double their existing speed.

What is “21CN”?
21CN (21st Century Network) is a Next Generation Network (NGN) being deployed by British Telecom over the next 5 years. The core aim of the project is to bring the UK’s telecoms network in to the digital age, whilst at the same time allowing BT to save up to £1billion per year in costs. The total cost of the project is estimated at £10billion.

The following are some of the key changes that 21CN will bring:

  • The national PSTN phone network will be moved on to a digital IP network
  • The retirement of 16 existing legacy networks and the introduction of a single “multi-service” network
  • The national roll-out of ADSL2+, offering services at up to 24Mbps. ADSL2+ Annex M will also be deployed, offering upstream rates of up to 2.5Mbps
  • A complete overhaul of the broadband services offered. A range of new configurable QoS (Quality of Service) products will be made available

In recent years BT has seen its traditional revenue sources (i.e. phone calls) decline considerably, and its “new wave” products (such as broadband) explode in popularity. Ultimately, 21CN should help BT to surf this new wave of demand and reduce their dependence on traditional revenue streams.

Source: SamKnows.com — 21CN Overview: More details about BT Wholesale 21CN

Swanage ADSL status:
ADSL Max status: Enabled as of 01/10/2003
SDSL status: Enabled as of 31/03/2006
21CN WBC status: Enabled 2012

The BT Superfast Broadband Lottery

On Monday (4th October 2010), BT announced Race to Infinity, a competition allowing members of the public and businesses the chance to vote for superfast fibre broadband to be installed at their exchange.

What is the Race to Infinity?
The Race to Infinity is a nationwide competition run by BT whereby members of the public and local businesses can vote to get our superfast fibre broadband, BT Infinity, in their exchange. The top 5 exchanges with the most registered interest as a % of the total telephone exchange size on 31st December will be added to BT’s fibre rollout plan. Exchanges need to get a minimum of 1,000 votes in order to enter the race. People will be able to register their interest via the web site (www.bt.com/racetoinfinity) from 4th October to 31st December 2010.

So after the race has finished, BT will upgrade the top 5 exchanges with the most votes registered as a percentage of the total telephone exchange size. But each exchange would need at least 1,000 votes in order to enter the race.

The Isle of Purbeck has 4 exchanges, located in Corfe Castle, Studland, Swanage and Worth Matravers (5 if you count Wareham). This would mean each exchange would be racing against each other, with Swanage and Wareham having a tactical advantage over the rest as they have a lot more people and businesses being served by their exchanges. Corfe, Studland and Worth have a limited number of residents and business with Studland and Worth falling way short of even the required 1,000 votes to enter.
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Degraded service reported in Swanage/Inconsistent speed in Worth Matravers

BT have issued a Major Service Outage (MSO) for the Swanage exchange (degraded service) – anticipated clear time is 16:36.

Download speed in Worth Matravers is inconsistent at this time. I’m also seeing inconsistent ping times and occasional packet loss. Hopefully it is related to the Swanage MSO. Monday and Tuesday were much better.

Update 17:15: Download speed (6.7 Mbps) and ping times seem to have returned to normal (in Worth), though past experience suggests they could deteriorate again at any time.

The Swanage MSO anticipated clear time is now 19:30.

Thanks for the update, Andy.

Update 22:50: As expected, download speed has become inconsistent again – currently about half usual. Occasional longer ping times too. Still hoping it’s related to the Swanage MSO, which is still ongoing (next anticipated clear time is 23:30).

Slowness reported in Swanage?

There are a few reports today of broadband slowness in the Swanage area. There are not enough reports to say there is definitely a problem, but if you are experiencing problems, please let us know.

Update: 14:32 – sounds like Upload Speeds are affected in Swanage – can anybody else confirm this?