Old TV wipes out village Broadband for 18 months!

Old TV wipes out village Broadband for 18 months!

Sure there’s a lesson to be learnt here? Update your electrical equipment regularly? Possibly, but perhaps BT and Openreach should better shield their infrastructure against electrical interference!

A pensioner turning on his old television each morning left 400 villagers with poor broadband for 18 months. Openreach engineers made repeated visits to the rural Welsh village of Aberhosan due to ongoing connectivity issues and slow speeds from 7am every day. Tests showed the network was working fine and the engineers even replaced large sections of cable that served the village. But the early morning wipeout kept happening.

The root of the problem was only found when investigators traced a burst of electrical interference to a property in the village. The ‘mortified’ householder confirmed they switched on their old television at that time every day, sending the village’s broadband haywire.

Pensioner wiped out village’s broadband for 18 months by turning on old TV

Wonder how many more streets, towns and villages have poor broadband because of old TVs and old electrical equipment!?

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Source: Metro

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