Do you have Faster Broadband yet?

Now Faster (Fibre to the Cabinet) Broadband is available to more and more users in the Isle of Purbeck, we though we’d run a little poll to see if you have upgraded yet.

Have you upgraded to Faster (super fast) Broadband?

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Note: This poll is only relevant to broadband users in the Isle of Purbeck.

Intermittent, fluctuating and very slow broadband (again!)

The old fluctuating and very slow broadband problems appear to have returned to users in Corfe Castle, Church Knowle, Kimmeridge and parts of Langton. It looks like anybody who broadband connects to the Corfe Castle exchange.

We have reports of very slow speeds from TalkTalk, BT and Utility Warehouse (which is usually just re-packaged TalkTalk) .

We believe the problems are related to line and exchange upgrades between Corfe Castle and Swanage (Swanage will be getting Fibre to the Cabinet and Fibre to the House soon).
We have no proof that this is indeed the cause of the problems, but a support staff mentioned it when somebody reported problems recently.

What should you do if you have slow or no broadband?
Reporting the problem to your Broadband supplier (if it happens intermittently then report it each time it happens). Even if they say there’s no reported problems, ask them to make a note on your account (and check the note is there the next time you call). It will help them track issues if there turns out there is a problem.

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Broadband Problems 3rd November 2014

There appears to be a number of issues this morning across the Isle of Purbeck. BT and other Internet suppliers appear to be aware of the problems.

We suspect the issues are due to the very large amount of rain we have had overnight.

If you have no internet, first try powering everything off and back on again (i.e. your broadband router, computer/laptop, tablet and phone).

If you still have problems then call your broadband supplier and report the problem.

Broadband problems 3rd January 2013

BT have confirmed there is/was a problem with broadband that has affected the 01929 dialling code.

The problem should be resolved by 6.25. If you are still having problems, try restarting (power off/on) your modem/router.

Broadband Problem in the Reading and Surrounding areas

Date & Time: Thu 03/01/2013 at 04:48
Estimated time to resolve: 03/01/13 06:25

We know that some of our customers in the Reading and Surrounding areas are having trouble with their broadband connection at the moment.

Affecting multiple area codes:

Loss of Service Worth Matravers and Corfe Castle (Again)

There is another MSO (Major Service Outage) affecting broadband users who connect to the Worth Matravers and Corfe Castle exchange(s). It sounds like there is another hardware fault, possible similar to the fault last month on the 9th July Degraded Broadband Service.

Update: This is starting to be a joke, no broadband all day, lots of businesses have suffered today!

Update 2: at 8.12pm all broadband appears to have been restored.

The following info/details are from Zen Internets status page:

  • 03/08/2012 20:39 / FINAL — Service has been restored as of 20:14; by completing: a change of hardware. BT regrets any inconvenience this may have caused
  • 03/08/2012 17:09 / 12 — Fault diagnosis is ongoing. Next update will be at 21:00 sooner if significant progress made
  • 03/08/2012 16:27 / 11 — Fault diagnosis is ongoing. Next update will be at 17:30 or sooner if significant progress made
  • 03/08/2012 15:31 / 10 — Spare card on site at Wareham. An engineer has now been pinned to the task. His ETA is unknown at present
  • 03/08/2012 15:30 / 9 — Fault diagnosis is ongoing. Next update will be at 17:30 or sooner if significant progress made
  • 03/08/2012 13:29 / 8 — An engineer has been tasked to site and new hardware ordered
  • 03/08/2012 12:21 / 7 — Fault diagnosis is ongoing
  • 08/2012 10:39 / 6 — This incident is due to a fibre fault which BT is progressing
  • 03/08/2012 08:31 / 5 — Fault diagnosis is ongoing
  • 03/08/2012 07:23 / 4 — Engineer is onsite working with the operational team to restore full service. Next update will be at 08:30
  • 03/08/2012 04:31 / 3 — BT are awaiting delivery of hardware. Due at 06:45
  • 03/08/2012 03:35 / 2 — Engineer on site at Wareham investigating cause of the failure. Hardware ordered
  • 03/08/2012 02:24 / 1 — Initial diagnostics underway

Planned Engineering Work 17th July 2012

There is planned engineering work scheduled for the 17th July 2012. In theory it will not affect users, but if you discover you have no internet access after the work, first restart (turn off/on or unplug) your Router. Contact your ISP if you continue to have problems.

Start: 17/07/2012 00:01
Cleared: 17/07/2012 06:00
Duration: 5 Hours 59 Minutes
Message: The Planned Engineering Work is required on the Broadband Nodes within the (DORCHESTER) region that support EU’s nationwide for completion of ( 21CN Upgrade EES / EEA LAG for Stability/Capacity PROGRAMME 24 ). There will be (One) service outage to End-Users of up to (1) minutes (for each outage or total) within this period. This outage will occur during the outage window of (02:00-06:00) within this PEW Window.
Area Codes: 01305 01308 01929 01935

Degraded Broadband Service

There is currently a problem with broadband that is affecting users in the Isle of Purbeck.

Incident Details: At the moment some of your Broadband End Users may be experiencing a degradation of Broadband Service.
Area Codes: 01929
Cleared: 09/07/2012 17:00 (estimated)

Lasted Updated 16:45

  • The problem is now fixed — if you are still experiencing problems, first restart/reboot your Router (turn it off at the mains for at least 10 seconds). If you still have problems, contact your ISP.
  • 09/07/2012 16:40 / FINAL — Service has been restored as of 16:20 by completing a change of hardware. BT regrets any inconvenience this may have caused.
  • 09/07/2012 14:12 / 4 — Spare card ordered from the stores. Estimated time of arrival 16:00.
  • 09/07/2012 13:24 / 3 — Spare card ordered from the stores. No estimated time of arrival at present.
  • 09/07/2012 11:55 / 2 — Engineer en-route to Wareham to investigate.
  • 09/07/2012 10:50 / 1 — Completing initial diagnostics. Next update will be at 12:00.

Broadband Outage 29 March 2012

There was a blip in the night (00.30am — 02.30am approx) where some users had no broadband (this appears to be nation wide).

My ISP confirmed BT Wholesale had an outage over night and several other ISPs (internet service providers) have also reported customers with no service.

If you were affected or still have no broadband, try restarting your router/modem, if that doesn’t work, contact your ISP and report the problem.

Interleaving Broadband in Church Knowle and Kimmeridge

We are hearing from more and more users who are experiencing very slow Broadband, particularly users who connect to the Corfe Castle exchange — we have had reports from PlusNet, Mad as a Fish and Virgin users in Church Knowle, Kimmeridge and Harmans Cross — they’re at least 2+ miles away from the Corfe Castle Exchange, and have also reported random noise on their telephone lines.

A helpful support person confirmed that they have had to turn on ‘Interleaving’, which appears to help, but there are several drawbacks to using this.

What is Interleaving?

Interleaving is a form of error correction that can help reduce the number of ‘errors’ on a line. This will be activated by default on new broadband services and where a fault has previously been reported. It helps to stabilise a line that might otherwise suffer frequent disconnections. One drawback of interleaving is that it can increase ping times, which may cause problems for people that play online games. Whilst we’d recommend against it, if it is switched on, interleaving can be turned off if you ask us.
Source: PlusNet

Traditionally adsl used what is known as “FAST” method for transmitting data.
MaxDSL & LLU can make use of a technology called Interleaving to help maintain the tolerance against noise on longer length lines.

If during transit more than a certain amount of data has been lost then the data cannot be correctly decoded by your router. Short bursts of noise on the line can cause these data packets to become corrupt and the modem has to re-request data which in turn can slow down the overall rate at which data is transmitted.

Interleaving is a method of taking data packets, chopping them up into smaller bits and then rearranging them so that once contiguous data is now spaced further apart into a non continuous stream. Data packets are re-assembled by your modem.

If your line is particularly susceptible to bursts of noise then interleaving should improve your adsl experience simply because if you lose a whole batch of data then this could cause your modem to loose sync with the exchange.

By now you may be asking if interleaving is so good, then why isn’t it used by default?
The answer to that is that it can also have a downside – chopping up, rearranging and decoding of the data adds a small amount of additional time it takes for data transmission. Forward Error Correction will also add to the delay, since the check bytes will take additional transmission time.

BT state that interleaving can increase latency by an additional 20-40ms. Whilst this will not be noticeable to the vast majority of users, ardent gamers are the ones most likely to complain about additional latency and therefore prefer a slower synch speed than higher latency.

It should also be pointed out that whilst BTw state that applying interleaving shouldn’t reduce your line speed, it does reduce the maximum line rate achievable from 8128kbps to 7616kbps due to the additional overhead required for check bytes.

We would be interested to hear from anybody who is experiencing very slow Broadband in Purbeck. We would also be interested to hear what ISPs are saying is causing the problem(s) and how they are fixing them.

Note: Remember to turn your Router off/on and check all cabling before calling your ISP, you can guarantee they will ask you to do this first before they investigate the problem!